GBBS International Limited Stallions

Breeding Contract 2024 -Terms and Conditions

The Mare Owner/lessee certifies and agrees to the following.

  1. This Breeding Contract is between the named mare owner/lessee and for the mare named in contract only and is non-transferable unless otherwise approved in writing by GBBS International Limited
  2. If the Mare scans empty, we will offer an option to choose another stallion.
  3. The Mare should be in good health and sound breeding condition.
  4. The Owner/lessee has no reason to believe the Mare is unable to achieve and sustain a pregnancy that results in a live foal.
  5. Mares bred to a GBBS Stallion will carry a live foal free return policy. (A Live Foal is defined as a foal 24 hours old). In the event that we are unable to provide semen for GBBS Stallions for the Free Return we will offer an alternative to one of our other stallions available.
  6. Half of the Stud Fees are to be paid in advance of covering to GBBS International Limited. 31st October 2024 is the last date for settling all outstanding payments.
  7. GBBS International Limited has the right to terminate this contract at any stage of the process.
  8. In an event of delivery of Semen the transportation costs involved are to be borne by the Owner/ lessee. However, if the Owner/ Lessee choses to collect it from GBBS International Limited, there will not be any additional costs.
  9. By ordering and purchasing semen, the mare owner declares that he has taken cognizance
    of these conditions and that he fully agrees with these breeding and payment conditions.
  10. If a stallion becomes unavailable at short notice during the breeding season for any particular reason (competition, fully booked, sickness etc.), we will offer an alternative stallion of your choice. Stud fees are non-reimbursable.
  11. One foal cert will be issued for each frozen semen straw.
  12. 10% Discount will be given for bookings made online and paid in full.